Static What? Bob Who?

So, you may be wondering who I am and why I have a website. I’m Bob Smith, a musician and writer from Upstate, NY with an unfortunately generic name and a 30-year history of making music and writing words. Since the late 80’s I have written and recorded over 500 songs with my friends.

I spent most of my 20’s on the road with my band Shu. We were a sort of hybrid ska/rock/funk/jam band that toured the 1990’s college circuit of these great Northeastern United States. We were pretty good at it, pretty popular, and we had more fun than should be legally allowed.

Before, during, and after Shu I’ve made music either as a solo artist or with some combination of my friends Todd Haviland, Matt D’Ambrosio, and Marc Fuller. We often call ourselves The Distractions, sometimes we call ourselves other things.

Once in a while I write words without musical accompaniment. I wrote for Billboard magazine for a while and I had a column in The Chronicle of Glens Falls, NY for a few years. is now my home for all of the above and it is also a launching pad for my new music, a podcast, and a blog.

Why “Static Dive”? I don’t know. It sounds cool. The term refers to a technique for submerging a person or vessel (like a submarine) slowly into the water. There is a metaphor in there somewhere. I refer to it elsewhere on this site as a, “slow submersion into nothingness.” Maybe that’s life, or maybe it is just where I am in mine. It sounds Zen. That is pretty consistent with my actual view on things. I know that all sounds awfully esoteric. Good, LOL.

Why the website? Why keep making music? I will admit that I have asked myself these questions. I’m 48 years old. I’m pretty sure my rock star clock has stopped ticking. Why do any of it?

Ultimately the answer is simple, it’s what I do. Painters paint. Dancers dance. I make records. Whether or not people listen is irrelevant. If they do, all the better.

Also… it’s a lot of fun.


PS – If you are curious about my day job, check out my LinkedIn page. In a nutshell, I was an IT guy in manufacturing. Then I was the geek and founding partner of a research company in the music business for a few years. Now I am a corporate nerd for a government contractor.

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