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Artist: Bob Smith
Title: Bob Was Here

In 2010 I spent a few months of very late nights in my garage, drinking wine, smoking cigarettes, writing, and recording really loud rock. It was a good time! So is this record.

Artist: Bob Smith
Title: The Reason for Swimming
Year: 2006

For a hundred different reasons I was experiencing a sort of early onset mid-life crisis in 2006. It was a complicated time. The good news is it lead to some really good songs this is a pretty introspective record with some of my best tunes.

Artist: Bob Smith
Title: Data in Dream Life
Year: 2003

I worked on this album on and off for about three years. Not for lack of effort. I wrote a ton of music during that time. I was newly sober and super prolific. In the end I put together the record that made sense to itself. I dig it. It’s experimental and fun. Also, More Better is one of the best rockin’ songs I’ve written.

Artist: Bob Smith
Title: Solo
Year: 1998

In 1998 I was newly married and I had quit my band, Shu. Since then the marriage ended and the band got back together. But I digress. This was really my first step into a solo recording career. There were no more 4-track cassette decks after this one. The first track, “Mean Old Me” is one of my best, and best known songs. It was the result of a fantastic drunken weekend in the studio with my dear friend, drummer, engineer, and producer, Marc Fuller.

Artist: Bob Smith
Title: No Mas Palabras
Year: 2012

I record instrumentals all the time. Sometimes they are intended as such. Other times I just never come up with words for the tunes. These fall under both categories. They were all recorded at various points between 2000 and 2012. They are outtakes, oddballs, and sometimes really good. These kids are doing their own thing.

Artist: The Distractions
Title: Something Good
Year: 2008

In 2008, in my home studio, I had written and recorded guitar, keyboard, and vocal tracks for some of my best songs ever. I quickly realized that I needed a real drummer, bassist, and engineer to bring them home. So I went into the studio with Matt, Todd, and Marc to get it done right. The result is probably the best record I ever made.

Artist: Shu
Title: SHU
Year: 2001

In 2000 Shu got back together after a three year hiatus. We hit the studio with Marc Fuller and made this collection of tunes. Half were brand new, the other half were live favorites that we had never put to tape. It is a fun record. And it was great to get the band back together. We haven’t ever really stopped since. though, we have definitely slowed in our old age.

Artist: Shu
Title: Fanagalo
Year: 1995

This is the classic. Shu fans know that this is the definitive album. It is just about perfect. And it has held up pretty well for almost 25 years. I don’t even understand how that number could be true.

Artist: Shu
Title: The NCPR Session
Year: 2006

North Country Public Radio recorded original music from all around upstate, NY, made an album, and had a big ass concert on a farm. We were honored to be the headlining act. These three songs were recorded live in one afternoon in an empty hall in Lake George. The recording came out great and it was a really fun day.

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