Vodka Tonic

Vodka Tonic 1

This one floundered in the archives for a couple of years. I liked the tune but not the mix. Recently I resurrected it, replaced most of the tracks, and gave it a whole new mix. Now I’m diggin’ it. Enjoy! This version has been removed in preparation for the EP release on 1/1/19

Cover Songs

Cover Songs 2

I’ve had a Soundcloud for a few years now and honestly, I forget what’s there sometimes. So I was poking around on my profile a bit and found a collection of covers that my friends and I have recorded. I’ve never been a cover artist by trade, but I am a fan just like anyone […]

Podcast Episode #5 – Hard Drive Flotsam, Volume 1

I wish I could claim some order or science to this episode, but alas no. These are a few unfinished gems from the vault. Maybe some day I will finish them. Maybe not. But for now, they come off as some pretty groovy, mostly ambient, instrumentals. Enjoy!

Podcast Episode #4 – The Mustache Petes

Check out the most recent podcast episode… #4 – The Mustache Petes. This was a fun project my friend Auggie and I put together back in 2007. He lives in OH and I am in NY. We emailed tracks back and forth to one another until we had enough songs to call it a band. […]

The Sounding of the Drums

This past weekend I delved into an area that has eluded me in the past… drum mixing. A bit of background first… As far as drums go, I’ve always pretty much relied on others. Even when I played every other instrument on a track myself, I always let someone else handle the drum performance and […]

Welcome… back?

I’ve moved this site to a new host and I’m setting it up right this time… simple and clean.  I’m not going to start with a lot of preamble. If you’d like to know who I am or what The Static Dive is, please check out the about page. If you want to know what […]