Bit by Bit (final?)

Bit by Bit (final?) 1

I’m reposting this one, because it’s finished… I think. Drums, lead guitar, and some background vox were added. This is probably the version that will end up on the record, unless I get sick of the mix and head back to the drawing board. In either case… Enjoy! earlier version has been removed and replaced […]

American Today

American Today 2

I wrote this song in 1993 but never gave it a proper recording until now. I changed the lyric to say ‘DVR’ instead of ‘VCR’, other than that it remains exactly as written. 25 years later it is even more relevant. earlier version has been removed and replaced by the final


Wickie 3

I published one of my stories on Amazon.  It’s the first time I’ve done that. This may be the plan going forward… self publish short stories and (hopefully) find a traditional publisher for my novel. We will see.  In any case, check out the short if you feel so inclined. Thanks!