A little playlist action

A little playlist action 2

The Static Dive’s cover of John Lennon’s ‘Working Class Hero’ has been added to the ‘Best Covers’ playlist on Spotify.  

Built for Better Days – add the single!

Built for Better Days - add the single! 3

[spotifyplaybutton play=”spotify:track:4b0qsSoMIu2xm5FF3EeOAU”] “SONICALLY PSYCHEDELIC… Anyone who appreciates a progressive style of Alt Rock are sure to be enamoured with the vibrant sound from the Static Dive.” – A&R FACTORY (ANRFACTORY.COM) Now spinning @ WEQX, WCQL and WEXT Add the single! DOWNLOAD WAV MP3 (256Kbps) IF YOU LIKE: OK Go Modest Mouse Talking Heads David Bowie […]

#12Months12Songs – Press Release

#12Months12Songs – Press Release 4

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: R.P. Smith bob [a] staticdive.com https://www.StaticDive.com #12Months12Songs The Static Dive to release a new single every month in 2019 NEW YORK, JANUARY 27, 2019 — Genre-defying artist The Static Dive is set to release a new single every month of 2019 in the #12Months12Songs challenge. The ambitious project launched with […]

New Single Each Month in 2019

New Single Each Month in 2019 5

I’ve eluded to this idea in recent blog posts, but I want to make it official… For the entirety of 2019, I am going to release at least one new single every month. By ‘release’ I mean that the songs will be published to all major online music distributors (Spotify, iTunes, etc) in the first […]

Low Tide Funk

Low Tide Funk 6

Here is a little something I am working on. Right now this is only available here, but I will likely release it on Spotify soon. The plan for 2019 is to release (at least) one single of instrumental music every month. This will be February’s installation. There is a drum loop from a Maynard Ferguson […]


Review! 7

The Brits called me a hippie. I can’t say they’re wrong about that. ? https://www.anrfactory.com/the-static-dive-built-for-better-days-sonically-psychedelic-indie-alt-rock/

Working Class Hero – Video!

Working Class Hero - Video! 10

I made a video mash-up of my version of ‘Working Class Hero’ and the classic sci-fi silent movie ‘Metropolis’ by Fritz Lang. And, It’s pretty cool IMHO.