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SONICALLY PSYCHEDELIC… Anyone who appreciates a progressive style of Alt Rock are sure to be enamoured with the vibrant sound from the Static Dive.” – A&R FACTORY (ANRFACTORY.COM)

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Modest Mouse
Talking Heads
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The Static Dive is the new project from R.P. Smith, known for his bands ‘Shu‘ and ‘The Distractions‘, and as a solo artist (Bob Smith). The ‘Built for Better Days’ EP is a new direction for Smith, of guitar and keys driven, smart and super catchy rock and pop. He wrote, played, sang, and produced every note on the record.  ‘Static Dive’ refers to a technique of submerging a person or vessel (like a submarine) into the water. It is a slow submersion into nothingness. That attitude permeates the record, with its laid back but energetic groove. Lyrically, the songs weave in and out of themselves and excellent guitar playing threads a needle through them all. 

Calling Upstate NY home, Smith has written and recorded hundreds of songs, and performed thousands of shows. He is a veteran of the dive bars, student halls, and airwaves of college towns across the US.

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