New Playlist – Deep Indie Dive

New Playlist - Deep Indie Dive 1

I’ve started a new playlist called ‘Deep Indie Dive’. It features Indie Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Lo-Fi, Folk, Noise, Punk, and anything in between. I find independent music I like, and I put some of it here. If you would like to submit music to the playlist… CLICK HERE #playlist #spotify #indie #newmusic

Deep Indie Chill – updated

Deep Indie Chill - updated 2

The ‘Deep Indie Chill’ playlist is a collection of downtempo, ambient, triphop, chillout, and otherwise mellow tunes by indie artists from around the world. I added a bunch of new tracks today. Kick back, and chill. If you would like to submit music to the playlist… CLICK HERE

Built for Better Days – EP

Built for Better Days - EP 3

Released on January 1st, 2019, this is the beginning of the new. These five songs were written, performed, produced, and recorded entirely by me (Bob) over the previous months. I love them. Incidentally, my lovely and talented daughter Lela Smith drew the robot on the cover. You can see more of her work here. The […]

Working Class Hero

Working Class Hero 4

I released this cover of the John Lennon classic at the beginning of 2019, though it was recorded a couple of year earlier. For a long time I had the idea to cut a video from the old silent movie Sci-Fi masterpiece ‘Metropolis’. I finally did it, so the song was released. Here is the […]

Bob Smith

Bob Smith 5

Before I called myself ‘The Static Dive’, I was just plain Bob. I made a bunch of solo records between 1998 and 2012. This was before, during and after Shu and The Distractions. You can check them all out on Spotify.

The Distractions

The Distractions 6

The Distractions were my first band. Between 1988 and 1994 (roughly) we recorded over 400 songs, mostly on my four-track cassette recorder. You can peruse to your heart’s content here in the Archive. There are many diamonds in the rough, and a ton of fun atrocities. In 2008, we rejoined to record the album ‘Something […]


Shu 7

My band Shu traveled the college circuit of the East Cost throughout the 1990’s. We still play today occasionally. However, the best place to find us these days is on Spotify.