Skyflood – seriously good power-pop

Skyflood - seriously good power-pop 1

I actually said, “Wow!” out loud when I first pressed play on this one. The UK’s Skyflood sounds instantly recognizable. Like, you just walked into a Jimmy Eat World show a little early. The opening band takes to the stage and surprises everyone by being really good. That’s them.

They’re on IG , FB and Twitter @Skyfloodmusic

Here’s what Skyflood says…

‘Flawless’ released in 2017 and went under the radar. We feel we could’ve promoted it better upon release, and after, but I guess that can come with experience and research. It’s a catchy upbeat, vibrant tune and the response we had from it initially was very humbling. It’s inspired by the early/mid 00s sound with a modern twist on it.

Here is a little more info on the band itself, we’re currently working on getting band pictures together to help the advertising campaign for it. https://spark.adobe.com/page/Kz9l27MwLVoP2