The Mirrorstone – cool album rock

The Mirrorstone

This is some good stuff. Remember albums? I love albums. Australia’s The Mirrorstone is Album Rock. From the first notes of Rukma Vimana‘s opening track’s outer-space retro synth, I was ready to listen to the whole thing and search the liner notes for clues to the story the record is telling. Their style flows easily from 70’s art rock, to Nine Inch Nails-style industrial, to Nirvana-style grunge. The end result is a very cool new sound. Also, there is some nice guitar playing here. Check it out!

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Here is what The Mirrorstone says…

The Mirrorstone presents there first album “Rukma Vimana”. A mix blend of hard rock, industrial, electronic with a theatrical beginning to end. “Rukma Vimana” is a music journey through space, life, dreams, fantasy, darkness and rebirth.

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