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Todd Underwood

In just under three minutes, Todd Underwood’s lead single ‘Panic’ spans multiple genres and drives a super-catchy hook home with double-bass kick drums, Sting-worthy harmonies, and some rocking guitar. All of this is executed with pristine production and clock-like timing. This is nice stuff, and perfect for any fan of modern progressive rock.

Here is what Todd Underwood…

Todd Underwood – When I Took My Watch Off

Todd Underwood releases When I Took My Watch Off to much anticipation and excitement. With the success of past albums, Unfortunate Day, Schralp, and For Mr. J., Todd builds on his musical maturity to present a complete body of work, rich with imagery, and meaning. A kaleidoscope of musical ideas and metaphor, When I Took My Watch Off tackles themes of life issues, getting older, and the emotional dynamic of children becoming adults, as well as paying tribute to his father, who died right after purchasing a record store, which Todd then ran for over a decade.
Lead single, Panic has been receiving much attention of late on most streaming services. The infectious melodies, catchy chorus, and hard-hitting musicality make this track stand out as a bonfire hit off When I Touch My Watch Off. Metaphorically delivering a message of impending societal demise, Pulse raises awareness of the decline of society due to our current behavioral habits. “Do we care what we think anymore, are we so self-centered? That we can only accept what were told, somebody kill the blindfold.”

Other stand-out tracks which are registering great delight with the listener include; Better Together, How I Really Feel, Take Me, and When I Took My Watch Off.
When I Took My Watch Off is an eighteen song album, delivering innovative instrumentation, tempo, and key changes while maintaining a relative complete feel. Listeners will be pleased with the creative guitar melodies accentuating the underlying bass grooves and syncopated drumming. When I Took My Watch Off is a full listening experience.

Join Todd Underwood as he shares his musical experience with When I Took My Watch Off at the following music streaming services;

Bandcamp: https://toddunderwood.bandcamp.com
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Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/en/artist/13759399
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