Holy Ghost – the audio process

Holy Ghost - the audio process 1

I started #12months12songs as a motivator to remain productive, creatively, throughout the year. The idea was not just to write new material, but also to finish some diamonds in the rough. I have dozens of unfinished tunes in the vault. Some are nearly completed songs while others are little more than cool beats with little […]

Holy Ghost

Holy Ghost 2

A groovy trip-hop instrumental with a touch of robot philosophy original digital art by Lela Smith (@50stressballs).  

Handstand Parade – infectious alt-pop

Handstand Parade

This is some infectious stuff. I defy you to refrain from dancing in your chair when you click play. Handstand Parade reminds me of some of the best Alt-Pop from the 80’s, like ABC but funkier. However, this is definitely not throwback or nostalgia music. ‘Beloved’ comes from now. And I like the conflict of […]