Handstand Parade – infectious alt-pop

Handstand Parade - infectious alt-pop 1

This is some infectious stuff. I defy you to refrain from dancing in your chair when you click play. Handstand Parade reminds me of some of the best Alt-Pop from the 80’s, like ABC but funkier. However, this is definitely not throwback or nostalgia music. ‘Beloved’ comes from now. And I like the conflict of a breakup song being carried by really happy music. Nice tune.
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Here is what Handstand Parade says…

Sometimes things from the past hurt you….
Some things cant be forgiven.
When you hurt the ones you love it really weighs on you, it haunts you.
“Beloved” is an homage to that. A way to somehow make up for it. Even though I know it won’t.
This is a first for us.
Our first single, our first foot in the door, our first label release.
It seemed apt that we wrote about our first heart break.
Made in late nights and fleeting moments.
This is “Beloved”

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