Van Verder – About US

I love it when the bite matches the bark. Van Verder’s brief bio, coupled with a groovy and mysterious cover image, really made me curious and hope for something great. They did not let me down.

The collaborative group’s new single ‘About Us‘ starts with some cool spacey synths. Seconds later a hypnotic female R&B vocal joins the mix, and (thankfully) never leaves. I am not sure of the singer’s name, but I am now a fan. She is just excellent.

After the brief intro the song is carried by a smooth chillout hip-hop beat. Take a listen. This is nice stuff.

Connect with Van Verder

Instagram: @van_verder
Twitter: @van_verder

Here is what Van Verder says…

Van Verder (Dutch meaning “From Beyond”) is a musical act utilizing interchangeable collaborators, much like the virtual band Gorillaz. The name itself is an ode to the concept that we come from different backgrounds and genres, bringing unique perspectives to each song. The new single “About Us…” (link provided), is a great example of our collaboration with the next release, “Harmonics” soon to follow.

Thanks for your consideration, we hope you enjoy.