La Roboka – Avant-garde Electro-Pop

La Roboka


Instagram: @la_roboka
Facebook: laroboka

I am really digging La Roboka’s first single ‘Bipolar’. I’ll admit, my first thought after hitting ‘play’ was, “what’s happening here?” But I quickly got up to speed with their sound. If you think the world needs more avant-garde electro-pop, then you are correct. And Germany’s La Roboka is bringing it.

It’s a little retro, a little futuristic, and a lot of fun. Fight mental illness with dance! I’m looking forward to hearing more from them when they release the full EP ‘Maskalicious’ next month.

Here is what La Roboka say about themselves

Hello, we are LA ROBOKÁ

A classic soprano singer and a film-composer who enjoy experimenting with their version of electro-pop-rock-whatever-it-is. Maybe you have some label for us? We’re still searching for it.

What other blogs thought about us so far:
In the few tracks that we have been sent, there is such a diverse spectrum of different sounds and even genres that they each fit into. https://www.mammothmusicnews.com/blog/la-roboká

and La Roboká’s upcoming single “Misophonic” may be the juiciest hit of Pop insanity that we’ve been treated to this year.

We have an upcoming EP and would like to share it with you in advance. The first song is already officially online, the rest is unreleased