Two-Line Reviews – 4/14 Playlist Update

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I add songs to them I write short reviews here… just a couple of lines. Sometimes the reviews are three lines long. The rules are not strict.

The Playlists:

Deep Indie Dive
Indie Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop
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Deep Indie Chill
Downtempo, Trip-hop, Chill-hop, Ambient, and otherwise mellow, mostly instrumental, Indie
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4/14 Update

Artist: SPOOR
Song: Can’t Get Past Myself
Location: North-Central TX

Right away the guitar caught my ear on this one. Also the vocalist has a cool voice. He reminded me a bit of Conor Oberst but the music and production is more modern than Bright Eyes.
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SPOOR – Can’t Get Past Myself
Artist: Flash Blackstone
Song: My Head’s Stuck in My Brain
Location: Flash Blackstone is an interstellar space and time machine

I’ll admit, the title had me on this one before I even clicked play. When I did, I was treated to a groovy guitar and synth instrumental. Dig it
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Flash Blackstone – My Head’s Stuck in My Brain
Artist: Aeseaes
Song: Rilke Song
Location: Austin, TX

I knew right away I wanted to share this one somewhere. It’s just pretty. I wasn’t sure which playlist to add it to. I eventually landed on Dive, I suppose because there are vocals.
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Artist: Jaunt
Song: On Your Mind
Location: Toronto, Canada

If Jack Johnson was better, and had cool beats, he might start to sound like this groovy song from Jaunt. This one will stick to your eardrum. It just ended as I started typing this sentence. I am going to hit rewind.
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Artist: James Myhilll
Song: The Tennyson Down
Location: London, UK

I put a lot of beats and sampled music on the Chill playlist, because I like it. However, I also like it when a talented musician composes and performs a cool, chillout instrumental, on actual instruments. That’s What James Myhill is doing, and it is good. I knew I would like it as soon as I saw James holding a bass guitar in his Twitter profile pic. Also he listed his genre as ‘Other’ in his song submission, which is just a cool and ballsy thing to do, i think.
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