Two-line Reviews – 4/16 Playlist Update

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I update them I write short two-line reviews here. Sometimes the reviews are three lines. The rules are not strict.

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The Playlists:

Deep Indie Dive
Indie Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop
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Deep Indie Chill
Downtempo, Trip-hop, Chill-hop, Ambient, and otherwise mellow, mostly instrumental, Indie
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4/16 Update

Artist: Fellow Robot
Song: So What
Location: Long Beach, CA

Fellow Robot is a cool-ass artsy sci-fi band, they have great artwork and are probably frequently compared to Radiohead. I’m not going to liken them to Thom Yorke and crew, because right now I would rather listen to these guys.
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Artist: Katmaz
Song: I’m Done
Location: Brooklyn, NY

I was already way into the arcade keyboard sounds and spacey production of this tune, when the track stopped and the singer states “Fuck it, I’m done.” I love it, and all of the fat beats and dissonant guitars that come next.
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Artist: Scarlett Randle
Song: HER
Location: Glasgow, Scotland

Scarlett Randle wields her strikingly beautiful voice like a strong breeze blowing throw an open window and filling the room with complex and touching lyrics about love and infatuation. The tune lies on a soft bed of synth and blues guitar, nice stuff.
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Artist: False Heads
Song: Slease
Location: Essex, UK

Slease starts with a rumbling bass for a couple of seconds and then erupts with quarter-note snare and guitar jabs, a bit like a modern day Nirvana (emphasis on modern). The UK’s False Heads count Iggy Pop as a fan. For what it’s worth, I’m a fan now too.
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Artist: Tremolo Lights
Song: Chase the Night
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles’ Tremolo Nights sounds a bit like Foster the People with Debbie Harry singing guest vocals. Chase the Night is a little modern, a little retro, and has a breezy summertime vibe that makes me wish I still owned a convertible.
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