Aletulle – Noir Vibes and High Art

Aletulle - Noir Vibes and High Art 1First I listened to the audio track of ‘Green Tunnel’ by Aletulle, a Spanish chanteuse based in London. She breathed this lush cinematic tune into the room and I was transported from a 2019 office space into some dark corner of a Noir film from fifty years in the past. The singer lists Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire, and Quentin Tarantino’s films as some of her influences. I hear them, but I mostly hear Aletulle.

Then I watched the video and was transported to another place entirely. A beautiful woman, covered in feathers, performs an elegant gravity defying (the video is in reverse) dance in what appears to be a church. When the song ends, it repeats, this time with the audio reversed and the dancer in real time. This is high concept stuff, and it is gorgeous. ‘Green Tunnel’ is the first in a series of videos to come as part of the ‘Birth of Bardo’ audiovisual project (more below).

Here is what Aletulle says about ‘Green Tunnel’

The song is about the green dot next to your name on Facebook that says you are online. It imagines what it would be like to travel through that tunnel… would you be the same person when you come out of it on the other side?

It is about the anxiety provoked by communication on social media.

I am a Spanish musician based in London. ‘Green Tunnel’ is my debut single, and now I will release by debut EP called ‘The Birth of Bardo’. The idea is to make an audiovisual project out of this EP, making a music video for each of the 5 songs. The first video, ‘Green Tunnel’ has already been selected for 3 film festivals around the world. We will release the second ‘Becoming Lilith’ in May 2019

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