Two-Line Reviews – 4/26 Playlist Update

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I update them I write short two-line reviews here. Sometimes the reviews are three lines. The rules are not strict.

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Artist: Needshes
Track: Pain
Location: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

It is not every day I get to hear some cool modern prog-rock from Uzbekistan. Needshes’ sound on this track lands somewhere between The Killers and Muse. And that is a groovy place to land.

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Artist: The C33s
Track: Manic Depression
Location: North West England

I was half expecting a Jimi Hendrix cover, which would have been cool of course. But, what I got was a fun, and slightly insane, tune that sounds a bit like The Cramps and Love and Rockets collaborated on a new song in 2019. Nice.

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Artist: The Quiet in the Loud
Track: Mind Tales
Location: Bristol, UK

Some songs you sing along to. Other songs, you just sort of hang out with. This is a tune to hang out with it. Great sounds, some very nice guitar and chill vocals. Also, what a great band name!

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Artist: Tracklab
Track: Aerospace
Location: Germany

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I was listening to Boards of Canada just before I put this tune from Tracklab on. It was a smooth trantition. Excellent production, performance, and a nice chill vibe.

Artist: Heavn
Track: Fear
Location: London

Heavn is an Italian singer and musician living in London. This track, just sounds like a hit to me. Production, writing, and performance are all pro. And it sticks with you. Nice stuff.

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