Carina T – Pop with a Deeper Message

On the surface ‘Inside Your Mind’ is a well crafted Pop song performed by a beautiful singer with an equally lovely voice. And it is a definitely all of those things. But the message lyrically is a little deeper than that. Carina is trying to navigate the uncharted waters of her lover’s mind. Good stuff. And the video has some great shots of London.

Here is what Carina T says about the song…

Carina T - Pop with a Deeper Message 1

Nowadays, people are unwilling to express their true feelings as they are afraid of becoming vulnerable. Also, because of pressure by the mainstream media, people are sometimes too focused on the physical side of relationships and do not care about what matters the most: feelings and being human and kind (basically, what’s inside our minds). This song criticises the overrated physical side of superficial relationships.


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