Two-Line Reviews – 5/2 Playlist Update

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I update them I write short two-line reviews here. Sometimes the reviews are three lines. The rules are not strict.

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Artist: KAYAM
Track: Ground
Location: Cologne, Germany

This is just groovy. KAYAM is the sibling duo of Kim and Mike Rauss. The force is strong in their family. Stylistically, they are all over the place. And I love it. Their perfectly complimentary vocals share space with some nice jazz guitar and a harp (not harmonica, an actual harp).

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Artist: Astrolemo
Track: Luna
Location: The Universe

Astrolemo’s bio referred to both Massive Attack and Bonobo, two of my faves. I was not disappointed. I ended up listening to a few of their tunes. Luna is a nice intro. Chill out, and dig it.

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Artist: SweetSleep
Track: Tokyo Night
Location: Tokyo, Japan

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what is going on lyrically in this tune, because it is in Japanese. As worldly as I pretend to be, I do not actually speak or understand Japanese. But in this case, it doesn’t matter. Tokyo Night is a cool chillout.

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Artist: Chris Ahlman
Track: Rolling on the Wind
Location: San Francisco Bay Area

There’s nothing like two or three guitars, played well, weaving in and out of each other. Chris Ahlman gives us five minutes of exactly that on this tune, alongside his Springsteen inspired vocals laying down some quality barstool philosophy.

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Artist: Sly Antics
Track: Reality
Location, Manchester, UK

This is another cool genre-bending track. Sly Antics’ sound is a little hard to pin down, in a great way. A little bit of Alt-Rock, a little Pop, a little of R&B, and some lofi beats. Well done.

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