Friday Features – Soundcloud Playlist Update 5/3/19

The weekend is here. Kick your feet up, lean your chair back, and dig into some fresh new indie music from around the globe.

Last month I started a SoundCloud playlist to show off some the music and artists appearing on StaticDive.com. So far, I’ve kept it to a rolling 2-week list (roughly). It’s called ‘Friday Features,’ and it is fun. You get a little bit of everything in this week’s playlist; Americana, Ambient, Pop, Rock, and some stuff I don’t know how to classify. Regardless of genre, this is some good music and a great listen.

As usual, this week we have a very international offering. New additions this week include Carina T (UK) , DownTown Mystic (USA), KAYAM (Germany), Sly Antics (UK), Astrolemo (the Universe), Chris Ahlman (USA), and SweetSleep (Japan). Artists remaining on the list from last week include Needshes, The C33s, The Quiet and the Loud, Tracklab, Heavn, Scarlett Randle, Aletulle, Duphi, Tiny Tree, Mellow Daze, and yours truly. Also, I brought Van Verder back from a few weeks ago because I just really dig their tune “About Us…”

Check it out and head on over to the Reviews page for more info on all of the artists listed here.

Join the ranks

If you would like to be included in future updates and features at StaticDive.com, head on over to the music submission page. There are a couple of different ways to get into the mix, with options for both small and non-existent budgets. I look forward to hearing your stuff and sharing it with our audience.

Editorial note… If you were featured on StaticDive.com this week but are not on the playlist, it is probably because I could not find your music on SoundCloud. Send me a link and I will add your tune!