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Two-Line Reviews – 5/7 Playlist Update

Two-Line Reviews

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I update them I write short two-line reviews here. Sometimes the reviews are three lines. The rules are not strict.

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Artist: Postculture, Sinead Campbell
Track: Back to Basics
Location: West Yorkshire, UK

This track has a real classic feel to it. Sinead Campbell’s soulful voice sits comfortably on the tight groove laid down by Postculture. And I dig the song’s message.

Added to Deep Indie Dive


Artist: Sal The Musician
Track: Low
Location: Ireland

Sal the Musician is a guy that can make a depressing song sound very nice. His bio on Spotify is an interesting read too. This is good stuff from a guy living life.

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Artist: Fair Game
Track: Deconstruct
Location: Cape Town, South Africa

I’m a simple man. I love a good lo-fi beat with looped guitar. Fair Game is a great producer making chill beats and bringing all kinds of fun instrumentation into his tunes. Also, his Instagram is fun.

Added to Deep Indie Chill


Artist: Vellúa
Track: Vero
Location: Earth

Vellúa are two Brothers who apparently have been everywhere on this planet, and now they are putting the sounds they found into their music. This is some relly beautifully performed and produced world music. I got a little lost in their catalogue for a while. It was nice.

Added to Deep Indie Chill


Artist: Alec Baker
Track: Sunslide
Location: Sweden, London, New York

I did not intend to have a theme with this update, but here we are with more chill guitar music created by a world traveller. Alec Baker is the pseudonym for Swedish musician Victor Jansåker. On this cool chill tune he has included his friends Summer Heart (producer) and Tony Jian (rapper). Nice stuff here. I like the chorus-y guitar.

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