Thomas Noel – A Man and His Guitar

Thomas Noel - A Man and His Guitar

There is no more personal musical form than a singer alone with a guitar. That simplest of arrangements can be one of the most difficult to pull off. The artist needs an engaging voice, great lyrics, and honesty. Thomas Noel has all of the above on display on ‘Pass Me By’, a torch song bleeding the complex push and pull of emotions inherent to young love. The song has some great lines like; “You haven’t broken my heart in a couple of weeks,” and “this is where I’ll stay till you pick me up again.” The refrain is the simple plea of the chorus, “Please don’t pass me by again.” Great stuff.

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Instagram: thomasnoelmusic

Twitter: thomasnoelmusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Thomas-Noel-259280085013288/

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Here is what Thomas says about ‘Pass Me By’:

This is Thomas Noel’s first release ‘Pass Me By’, it features just him and an acoustic guitar and was recorded at BayTen studios. The song comes from a downtrodden perspective of love, focusing the singer’s feelings and emotions. The song showcases Thomas’ ability to resonate with the audience through his songwriting, and demonstrates the direction he looks to go stylistically.