La Roboká – Maskalicious

La Roboka

A couple of months ago I featured a new single titled ‘Biploar’ by Germany’s La Roboka. That track introduced us to this group’s unique blend of experimental electronic music and indie alt-pop. I really dug it then and it left me anxiously anticipating the release of the full-EP titled ‘Maskalicious’. Well, the time has come. The EP is available and it does not disappoint.

The five song collection further explores the wildly unique genre-bending sounds of the La Roboka duo, Lady K and Robulus. She is a soprano from the opera stage, and he a film director and score composer. Together they have created a sound and style that filters their unique perspectives through the lenses of euro-dance clubs and alternative rock.

La Roboka is theatrical and a little weird. However, as is the case with all great avant-garde artists (think Devo or Laurie Anderson) what may seem silly on the surface takes on a much deeper meaning once you become invested. Musically, their sound is simultaneously retro and futuristic. Simple 80’s style drumbeats belie complex arrangements and instrumentation. Lyrically… mental health issues, social commentary, and slightly absurd storytelling all meet on the dance floor. It is smart, and it is fun.

La Roboká - Maskalicious 1

I enjoyed the whole record, though there are some highlights. If I were to put on my record company executive hat, I’d say the song ‘Bright Star’ could make a good follow-up single to ‘Bipolar’. ‘Misophonic’ is crazy cool and flows perfectly into ‘Seriously’. Both tracks feature Robulus’ slightly maniacal German-accented rapping alongside Lady K’s skillful soprano and thought provoking lyrics. The last song may be my favorite. ‘Only You’ is a mellow experimental track which reminded me a little of Björk with layers of complex vocals and wildly creative instrumentation.

Maskalicious by La Roboka

I have hit the rewind button a few times already on ‘Maskalicious’ and I suspect you will too.

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