New Music Friday – The Static Dive – ‘Retribalize’

New Music Friday - The Static Dive - 'Retribalize' 1
The Static Dive – ‘Retribalize’
Original artwork by Lela Smith @50stressballs

I have a little bit of my own music to share today. The May entry of #12months12songs is called ‘Retribalize.’ It’s a funky little psychedelic Trip-Hop number with samples of media philosopher and futurist, Marshall McLuhan. The tune explores the changes in our collective unconscious brought on by the advent of the information age. Also, it is funky and I play the theremin in it.

Check out the video. The footage is taken from two old public domain Sci-Fi movies; ‘Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women’ (1967), and ‘Things To Come’ (1936). The former is a B-Movie that consists mostly of beautiful scantily clad women, with platinum blonde hair, standing in a group and staring vacantly at inanimate objects. So, obviously I had to use it. The latter is a ground-breaking sci-fi classic.

If you prefer your music without pictures… here are links to the audio, everywhere.