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Weekly SoundCloud Playlist Update 5/26/19

Weekly SoundCloud Playlist Update 5/26/19 1

Another week in the bag. The Weekly Features Playlist highlights all of the artists that appeared on the pages of StaticDive.com during the previous few days. Once again, the list is packed full of great indie music from around the globe. New additions this week include Quilll (NYC), Two Hands | One Engine (St. Louis, MO), Emzae (UK), Griz (Indonesia), evoH (Netherlands), Carina T (UK), Rachel K Collier (UK), and 83Vibes (USA)

Remaining in rotation from last week are; La Roboka (Germany), Jetski Babylon (UK), Hugh/Amaroun (UK), Pink Molly (Worldwide), Tape Trash (Norway), T-Spice (USA).

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