Ric Mills – Profoundly Piano

Ric Mills - Profoundly Piano

Australian composer Ric Mills has appeared on this site before. A few months ago I reviewed his release “Found” which was a lush, beautiful, and cinematic classical/ambient collection of music featuring Ric (composer and pianist) performing with various stringed accompaniment. Ric’s new record is equally beautiful but from a very different place.

“Profoundly Piano” is the sound of a very talented man alone with his instrument. It is remarkable how transformative that simple arrangement can be. These ten instrumental pieces flow smoothly from one to another, but that is not to say they are the same. They rise and fall emotionally as though they could be the soundtrack to a person’s thoughts over time, which I suppose they are. Ric tells me the titles are all in Italian or Latin are because the album was conceived in Vicenza, Italy. I’ve never been, but I think now I would like to go.

One of the great pleasures I have found in writing this blog has been in connecting with talented musicians from around the world, like Ric. I hope you enjoy his new record as much as I have.

Ric Mills


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepianospeaks

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ComposerRic

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfORWOHsjeEmw9Le9RAumA/featured

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ambientric/

Here is what Ric Mills says about ‘Profoundly Piano’…

There are times in life we feel things are happening for a reason and they seem to conclude in an organised happy way, other times theres a great chaos and disorganisation to things and the outcome is not what we intended or thought would happen. Equally there are moments where we experience a sort of on-going never changing situation despite our will to change it but even then there is beauty in the pattern and yearning to grow and become something better.

The album finds profundity in all areas of life and mirrors what we feel at those intense moments; be it joy, gratitude, love for ones family or friends, but also boredom, frustration, being stuck in a rut, these are all perfectly valid emotions and when felt strong they can only be profoundly represented by music.

We don’t always do things perfectly and these sketchbooks of original compositions encapsulate that. They are well meaning ideas that have grown for better or worse into something far different than was expected.