Two-Line Reviews – Smart Pop, Garage Rock, and Chill-Hop

I curate two Spotify playlists. When I update them I write short two-line reviews here. Sometimes the reviews are three lines. The rules are not strict.

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Artist: Looseleaf
Track: Breakdown
Location: NYC

Loose Leaf - Breakdown

When reviewers use terms like “infectious,” they are talking about songs like this one. With a super catchy hook, great vocals, really creative production, and clever lyrics… this one will stick in your head. I guarantee, after listening you will be singing, “hold my place by the cigarette machine.” It is inevitable.

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Artist: Danny Olliver
Track: Josephine
Location: BC, Canada

Danny Olliver - Josephine

Danny Olliver is from the great tradition of musicians who are younger, better looking, better singers, and better songwriters than I am (sigh). Seriously, this is expert story-telling Indie-Folk, perfectly executed, and immediately likable. Think Ray Lamontagne meets the Lumineers.

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Artist: Džemas
Track: Save My Soul
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Džemas - Save my Soul

I first liked this track because it reminded me of The Stooges, and The Stooges are one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Then, I read Džemas’ bio on Spotify… “Hello. We are a small indie/alternative rock band based in Vilnius, Lithuania. Give our music a listen. If you enjoy it, feel free to share it with your friends. Peace.”

How could I not share this song after reading that? Peace, indeed.

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Artist: Muralee
Track: Drive Home
Location: UK

Muralee - Drive Home

This is a groovy little two minute Chill-hop beat that sounds like its title. My only wish is that it was longer. Then I could chill out to the electric piano groove for my entire drive home.


Artist: Cap Kendricks
Track: Elevation
Location: Munich, Germany

Cap Kendricks

Just a nice chill piano groove with a hip-hop beat. There is not much more I need than that. Cap Kendricks has been on here before and probably will be again. He has a lot of great Chill-hop tunes on Spotify. Check him out.