Piper Landon Balances Two Worlds

Piper Landon

Piper Landon lives with one foot in the ‘biz’ and the other in her normal Midwestern life. Balancing the two very different worlds would be a struggle for anyone. The singer explores this tug-of-war on her song, “For a Lifetime.”

At first listen, the song seems little more than a nice love song to her husband, reveling in small town family life. However, lines like, ‘Your kiss, it holds me down. And I’m sick of being out of town’ expose the complexities of maintaining that simplicity. But the track is not a lament. On the contrary, it is a nice love song to her husband. It is just a realistic one written by a very busy singer, actor, photographer, and blogger.

Stylistically the song is not breaking any new ground. That is okay, it’s not trying to. This is very decidedly a mainstream Pop track. It has a great contemporary dance beat, and Piper’s is a talented and trained voice. Lyrically, you can hear the small town girl behind the professional production. This is Pop music with country values. She has her own sound but shares the sentimentality of artists like Carrie Underwood, or early Taylor Swift. It is a refreshing break from songs about high rollers spending their fat stacks in da club.

You can hear Piper’s song ‘For a Lifetime’ below, or on the Deep Indie Dive playlist.


Here is what Piper Landon says

Growing up in a small Kansas town as the daughter of an inspirational top-ten recording artist, Piper was always drawn to music. At 15 she signed her first record deal and went on to star as ‘cKenzi’ on the sitcom iShine Knect. She has since been featured on numerous TV shows, movies, podcasts and blogs as well as performing extensively throughout the United States, Canada and Africa.