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Weekly Features – Music for Your Monday

Weekly Features - Music for Your Monday 1
Lodgepole Kind
Lodgepole Kind

The Weekly Features Playlist highlights all of the artists who appeared on the pages of StaticDive.com during the previous week. As always, the list is packed full of great indie Pop, Rock, Funk, and Electronic from around the globe. New additions this week include; Lodgepole Kind (Canada, picture), JULA (Netherlands), Andrew Hetherington (Australia).

In honor of Pride Month 2019 ‘Confetti’ by New York’s Looseleaf remains on the list for another week!

Also, remaining in rotation from last week are;  LoneBorn (Miami), Dominic Wolf (London, UK), Renee-Louise Carafice (Las Vegas), The Bingewatchers (Los Angeles), Džemas (Lithuania)Winnie and the Rockettes (UK), Kaption (Australia), LAPP (UK), Tandem Unicycle (Huntington Beach, CA), Fearious Black (Hawaii), Purrple Cat (Portland, OR), NAIVE (Los Angeles)

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