Piper Landon Takes a Ride

Piper Landon Takes a Ride 1

Last month I reviewed Piper Landon’s “For a Lifetime”, an excellent mainstream Pop song that explores the balance the artist maintains between domestic and professional priorities. On July 5th she released the follow-up single, “Car Solutions”. It too is a peek into her personal life, this time with a little more edge, musically and lyrically.

The production on “Car Solutions” finds the singer diving deeper into edm grooves than she did on her previous work. Piper skillfully shifts her voice between soft melodic singing and rapid fire rap lines, as the backing track moves subtly between a Deep House beat and a low Trap-influenced vibe.

Staccato piano arpeggios act as an instrumental refrain. A little studio wizardry fades the individual notes of the keys quickly in and out of the mix. It is effective. The piano sounds as though it is coming through in waves from the dashboard radio of the car in the title.

My favorite thing about this tune is the way in which lyrics tell us a story by only hinting at it. The car solution is a ride. It is the catharsis of familiarity and shared history. As Piper and her companion drive down 85, they will discuss their demons and addictions. They will reminisce, share regrets, and forget the present for a short time. Maybe her copilot is a friend, a former lover, or maybe it is Piper herself. We don’t get to know.

When she sings, “Take me for a drive”, she is not saying it to us. We are just listening in on a conversation we’re not meant to hear. We don’t get the details. They don’t leave the confines of the car.