London Elixir Don’t Give a Funk

London Elixir

Atlanta based producer, London Elixir knows how to bring the funk. On her latest single IDGAFunk, she delivers. The old school disco track is more fun than should be allowed. However, this funky jam makes one thing crystal clear… she don’t give a funk about what is allowed.

London lays down the beat for three featured vocalists, handpicked by the producer. Each drops his/her own vignette of positive vibes and self empowerment. With a voice and swagger born on the dance floor, we don’t doubt Trey Francis is telling the truth when he sings, “I’m gonna keep on actin’ naturally, no matter what you think.”

Shaun Rose backs him up, with attitude. When she sings, “go ahead, break the rules,” you should just do what she says. Souf Papa follows with a laid back syncopated Southeast rap which provides a cool hip-hop breather before the bass takes us back to the dance floor.

The bass guitar is front and center in the mix, and rightfully so. It’s a sick groove which sounds like it has been transported in time directly from a Chic record, circa 1976. A perfect mirror-ball beat carries the track forward. The funk is augmented by disco synth/string blasts and subtle electric piano chords, low in the mix. Falsetto backing vocals in the chorus are a nice touch too and add to the tune’s old school authenticity.

Check out the audio and video for IDGAFunk, below. You can preorder London’s upcoming EP “Listen to M3” on iTunes.


Here is what London says about IDGAFunk…

IDGAFunk (pronounced: I Don’t Give A Funk) is London Elixir’s latest single from her upcoming EP “Listen To M3”. IDGAFunk is fully produced by London Elixir. She worked with 2 musicians (Matt Henderson & Benjamin Ryan Williams) and hand selected 3 amazing artists (Trey Francis, Shaun Rose & Souf Papa) to help bring her vision for the song to life. She chose the topic of IDGAFunk because she desires to highlight the importance of everyone doing what makes them happy – as opposed to living to please others. This is feel good music in a modern way, something the world definitely needs more of! Blending genres and allowing her vibrant personality to shine through the music is key to the positive vibe of this song!

Here is what London says about London…

A rising music producer from Columbus, Ohio, London Elixir has become one of the most exciting new talents in the diverse worlds of hip-hop, trap, RnB and pop. Currently based in Atlanta, London ​has made a name for herself by producing custom instrumentals, building beats and layering sounds for a range of artists and clients. Influenced by the likes of Calvin Harris, Bruno Mars, Timbaland and DJ Khaled, London has shaped her own unique sound, building on her background in piano, engineering and music production. More than just a producer though, London also creates music under her own name, releasing the standout single ‘IDGAFunk’ on all major platforms. London Elixir also produces music for independent artists. You can work with London Elixir by getting in touch via email at assistant.londonelixir@gmail.com

Need a beat for your next project?

London doesn’t just release her own tunes, she is also a beat maker and producer for hire. Her portfolio (below) listens like a compilation of all things good in the worlds of Hip-Hop, Trap, Pop, and R&B. If you would like to work with London, you can buy her beats on Airbit