Some Blog Kudos from FeedSpot.com

Some Blog Kudos from FeedSpot.com 1

So, this is kind of cool. The folks at FeedSpot.com added StaticDive.com to their list of Top 30 Indie Music Blogs on the Interwebs. I am honored and humbled. Thanks for the props, and thanks for dialing us in. Check out the list for more great Indie music, and cruise around FeedSpot.com for thousands of […]

Billy Wild’s Waves and Whammy Bars

Billy Wild's Waves and Whammy Bars 2

“The Waves” is the Billy Wild’s new single from his EP, “Little Fux”. It has a modern sound but a retro vibe, with more Dick Dale-inspired guitar bends than a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. The lyrics are delivered with a raised eyebrow and a smirk. Like EP’s title, the tune is a lot of fun. Stylistically […]