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Alex Ga

Hailing from Cyprus, singer/songwriter Alex Ga is refocusing his life on music. His return to performing comes, in his words, “after years of doing other things.” Taking his first step back into the world of recording studios and late night gigs, he brings us a heartfelt modern rock torch song called, “Find You.”

It is the oldest story in the world. Man finds love. Man loses love. Man tries to get that love back. Alex tell his tale with an expertly finger-picked guitar in hand. The vocal track is so genuine that it feels as though he is sitting next to us at a campfire, unburdening his broken heart.

At first the tune features just the singer and his guitar. As the song progresses, a backing track builds gradually behind him. Subtle strings buoy the first verse and chorus. By the second verse a drummer and bassist join the mix. Ultimately the lush arrangement inlcudes keys and more guitar until it eventually falls back to Alex alone.

Stylistically the track reminds me of late-nineties or early 2000’s post-grunge rock. It sounds like it could be the quiet and thoughtful acoustic tune at the end of an album otherwise full of rockers. The artist has a broad range of influences and promises much more music to come. Check out the video for “Find You”, and connect with Alex to stay in the loop on what he has in store.

Connect with Alex:

Here is what Alex says about Alex…

I am a genuine independent songwriter and performer, who has decided to go on the path of music making after years of doing other things in life) Always passionate for different types of music – from TOOL to Ed Sheeran, I am now writing and recording independently at my home studio. And although this is a mellow love song, my future releases will be quite different, from heavy alternative to dance pop.