Sonic Radiation Creates Sounds for all Senses

Sonic Radiation

When I first visited Sonic Radiation’s website, I immediately thought of the Talking Heads movie, “Stop Making Sense.” That is not to say that Sonic Radiation sounds anything like Talking Heads. They do not. The former is an Alternative Rock band from the 1980’s and the latter is a modern day experimental electronic artist. The movie came to mind because it is an excellent example of music transcending sound. It is the cinematic realization of David Byrne’s vision of music as an audible, visual, and kinetic art form.

Dallas based producer Todd Last (aka, Sonic Radiation) applies that same concept to EDM. His music is meant to be seen, heard, and danced to. The new track “Infrared” is five minutes of syncopated and sequenced rave perfection. It is probably already spinning in Dallas clubs. However, to fully experience Sonic Radiation, you need a video screen.

Many of Todd’s psychedelic space jams are accompanied by videos which the artist calls, “Dimixides”. His website defines a Dimixide as, “an electromagnetic transmission of sonic energy in wave form and function.” The dimixide images and music pair the organic with the mechanical. The videos are effective, transformative, and good tripped out fun.

“Infrared” will be available everywhere July 12th, but you can watch the video here, today. You can also find it and a number of other dimixides at SonicRadiation.com. I recommend it. Todd’s been doing his thing for a number of years and there is a ton of great content at the site. Click the link and get lost for awhile with Sonic Radiation.


Here is what Todd says about Sonic Radiation…

With one eye on the past and one eye towards the future, Sonic Radiation constructs exciting electronic dance music that is both intriguing and captivating while holding true to the roots of the genre. While constantly creating tools for the modern dj’s arsenal and reinterpreting remixing projects, Sonic Radiation forges ahead with a vision towards the future of electronic music. The vision started by experimenting for two years to create high energy music that was released as The 121 Project. Formed in 2003, the Dallas, Texas based artist, Todd Last, worked to create music that arranges songs with a combination of techno and trance that are solid and unique. Inspired by industrial groups like Front 242 and Front Line Assembly, electronic groups like The Crystal Method and Astral Projection, as well as the Dallas club scene, Sonic Radiation pulls from those styles to give the listener something for the ear, the mind and the dance floor.