The @if Revels in the Decadence

The @if Revels in the Decadence 1

New York artist “The @if” makes music for those who like their Rock & Roll heavy, melodic, and impeccably executed. Whether you call it progressive or Metal, the band’s new song “Avalanche” is from the land of big, fat, distorted riffs.

It is a world where guitar solos are plentiful and harmonized. Rhythm sections are low, growling, and driving. And vocalists squeeze out sustained howls from regions of the atmosphere usually reserved for operatic sopranos.

“Avalanche” hits all of these marks, and does so with enthusiasm. Like some of the greatest 80’s metal bands, The @if lives by a code of decadence. In their words, “it is party, it is after party, it is hangover, it is on repeat.”

However, their decadence is not limited to a party lifestyle. This style of music is a hedonism of sound, and skill. For instance, all throughout “Avalanche”, a lead guitar rips its way into the mix. Absolutely shredded solos find a landing place between each verse of the vocal track. They are so fast and loud they would make Yngwie Malmsteen proud. It is over the top, and that is exactly as it should be.

Lyrically the track examines an apparently difficult relationship, as it looks “into the mutual madness.” The subject matter works well with the overall dramatic and excessive vibe of “Avalanche”. The story of a hot blooded love interest needs a hard rocking backing track.

The @if maintains a bit of mystery to match their sound. The band is fronted by a singer/guitarist known only as The @if. If there are other members, they are standing somewhere in the shadows. One thing is certain though, The @if is prolific, having recorded and released two albums and a number of singles, just this year.

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The @if Revels in the Decadence 2