I Made an EPK at WebSelf.net

I Made an EPK at WebSelf.net 1

The folks at WebSelf.net asked me to give their web design and hosting platform a look. They feel their product has a lot to offer the modern global independent musician, like you. To prove it, they are offering StaticDive.com readers a 15% discount. So, I set out to see if they were right. My task […]

World Listening Day – SVG-style

World Listening Day - SVG-style 2

Each day, I like to check in on the site, NationalToday.com. It is a guilty pleasure, and a lot of fun. The website keeps track of lesser known national holidays. It is an important service. Without the site we might forget to honor “National Bikini Day” (July 5th) or “National Get Funky Day” (October 5th). […]

Gliffo Has Me Stumped

Gliffo Has Me Stumped 3

As you can imagine, people send me a lot of music. Every day I listen to tunes from all over the world. I can almost always relate. I’ve been a punk, a hip-hop fan, a headbanger and a hippie. I am never stumped. …until now When I queued up Gliffo’s video “Get the Sun in […]

Mirror Trash Weaves Layers of Lo-Fi Guitar

Mirror Trash Weaves Layers of Lo-Fi Guitar 4

I love guitar. I love punk and metal power chords, psychedelic classic rock blues jams, and modal jazz improvisation. But my favorite of all is the simple, melodic, and atmospheric guitar playing of mellow, moody Alternative rockers. It is a tradition that has flowed through the last four decades of music, from the early goths […]