World Listening Day – SVG-style

World Listening Day - SVG-style 1
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Each day, I like to check in on the site, NationalToday.com. It is a guilty pleasure, and a lot of fun. The website keeps track of lesser known national holidays. It is an important service. Without the site we might forget to honor “National Bikini Day” (July 5th) or “National Get Funky Day” (October 5th).

Today I saw that July 18th is “World Listening Day.” The World Listening Project created the holiday to recognize the study of sound, nature, and their connection to humanity.

I immediately thought of Scott Victor Gutierrez. I reviewed his album, “Second Beat Project” a couple of months ago. On that record, he uses field recordings of nature in some of his music. So, in honor of “World Listening Day”, here is Scott’s original composition “Wonderful Sounds of Nature”.

Happy World Listening Day!