I Want to See Garey Godson’s Nigeria

I Want to See Garey Godson's Nigeria 1

I want to go to Nigeria, right now. As a matter of fact, I have always wanted to go. I just didn’t know it until now.

What enlightened me to my latent desire to cruise the streets of Lagos in a fancy car? It was Garey Godson’s addictive song, “Private Trips.”

Garey is a Nigerian born artist and record producer based in Berlin, Germany. His new single is a captivating, syncopated two minute and forty-four second mesh of percussive and melodic instrumentation.

That’s not the right way to describe the sound though. The rhythm and melody are not separate components pieced together. In “Private Trips,” the rhythm is the melody, and the melody is rhythm. It is a cool mix of bass, vibes, drums and mbira thumb piano.

Although he successfully convinced me to make plans for a holiday in West Africa, that was not his intent. He definitely wants to take someone on a private trip there. However, I am not his intended target.

Over the course of the song, the singer woos an unnamed “lady” by painting a beautiful vision of the destination. He makes it clear that he wants her to pop champagne with him and his “boys” in his zone. He wants to show her all the things she has never seen.

Though he clearly has romantic intentions with this female acquaintance, this is more a love song to his home than anything. I’m not sure what vision I had of Nigeria before listening to “Private Trips.” I don’t know if I really had a conscious image of the nation. But I certainly do now. And clearly, it is beautiful.



Here is what Garey says about “Private Trips”…

Garey takes us on a journey to his home country Nigeria. Lyrically he challenges the stereotypical perceptions of Africa as he emphasizes the beautiful nature, organic vibes and city lifestyle of his people. He references the ever present-dynamic vibes of Lagos, and indulges his Lady to join him on an adventurous private trip.

The story-telling factor and picture painting approach by the singer is one to admire. The record which was self-produced, mixed & mastered by German engineer HKMK employs colorful Afro high-life melodic guitar tunes inspired by the 70’s, modern bouncy 808s & mellow marimbas which gives the listeners a summer beach-like feel.

Similarly to young fast-rising stars in the Nigerian Music scene which includes the likes of Odunsi The Engine, Tay Iwar, Wurld and the Alté movement the creative blend of Afro and Western sounds is once again evident in the instrumental layering and vocal performance on this joint. Consequentially the uniqueness of the record is seen in its dance ability and laid-back lyricism. The record is one to keep the summer spirit in motion and perfect-chills.