A&L – No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

A&L - No Fury Like a Woman Scorned 1

I am not certain of much in this world. However, I am sure of one thing. I never want to piss off Lana Marie. She is the singer of the Buffalo, NY rock band, A&L. On their latest single, “So Sorry” she lists a series of retaliations that some poor soul has endured as a […]

Damo Drops a Genre-Busting Demo

Damo Drops a Genre-Busting Demo 2

Before the first note plays, “The Albeit Horizon” starts with a sample from the anime classic “Ghost in the Shell”. The quote ends with, “overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It’s slow death.” The line is obviously a mantra for Damo. He is a wildly diverse instrumental artist from Arizona. Damo does a lot of […]

Doddi’s Beautiful Wasteland

Doddi's Beautiful Wasteland 3

Sometimes a song just grabs you right from the first beat. Something about “Last Dance (Wastelands)” by Doddi, pulled me in right away. The downtempo techno groove and big, open air synth sound, set the scene. I’ve never been to Iceland, the artist’s home. However, in my mind this song took me there, on the […]

Chad Rico – Hip-Hop Renaissance Man

Chad Rico - Hip-Hop Renaissance Man 4

Chad Rico does not sit still. At only 32 years-old, he has somehow found the time to become an entrepreneur, a financial analyst, a clothing manufacturer/designer, a filmmaker and a world traveling musician. Oh yeah, he is also a college professor of mathematics. Now, for his summer vacation, the professor is releasing a new single […]