A&L – No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

A&L - No Fury Like a Woman Scorned 1

I am not certain of much in this world. However, I am sure of one thing. I never want to piss off Lana Marie. She is the singer of the Buffalo, NY rock band, A&L. On their latest single, “So Sorry” she lists a series of retaliations that some poor soul has endured as a result of an offense he committed against her.

In rapid succession, the singer delivers details of past deeds and threats of more in the future. They include; “I put Ex-Lax in your coffee”, “I will haunt you like an STD,” and the refrain in the chorus, “I’m so sorry that i missed your birthday, I hope I ruined your day.”

The track is a vocal and guitar-centric romp that kicks into heavy riffs and a frantic beat right off the rip and does not let up. It is a modern rock sound with a bit of 80’s hair-band retro thrown in for good measure. Anthony Casuccio’s overdriven guitar and Lana’s vocals (they are “A” and “L”, respectively) each borrow a bit of influence from Motley Crue’s “Too Fast for Love” era. The band also sites The Pretty Reckless and Arctic Monkeys as influences.

A&L has a long list of awards and accomplishments to their name. And despite their Western, NY roots they have enjoyed significant success in Europe, with 8 of their 10 singles breaking the Top 20. Their songs have received radio airplay on 150 radio stations in 70 countries.

Anthony tells me the duo is trying to write radio friendly songs that still rock out, and center around the guitar. I’d say “So Sorry” is a success on all counts. Check out the tune, and follow the links below to connect with A&L.