Doddi’s Beautiful Wasteland

Doddi's Beautiful Wasteland 1

Sometimes a song just grabs you right from the first beat. Something about “Last Dance (Wastelands)” by Doddi, pulled me in right away. The downtempo techno groove and big, open air synth sound, set the scene.

I’ve never been to Iceland, the artist’s home. However, in my mind this song took me there, on the tundra, watching wind blown snow drifts obscure the sunset.

Of course, when Doddi says he is, “waiting on the empty fields of your wastelands,” he is speaking metaphorically. He is referring to uncertainty, fear, and longing that are inherent to true love. Through a simple narrative, via alternating verses, Doddi and his collaborator Una Stef respectively play the male and female roles in this tale of love and heartache. We can fill in the details from our own experiences. The struggle is immediately relatable.

The instrumentation is simple, but broad and cinematic. Doddi’s vocal delivery reminded me a bit of Depeche Mode. Una Stef is captivating as she floats into the second verse and responds, “I wanna try, but my heart can’t take another dance.”

Both singers leave space for the song to breathe. The occasional synth riffs that pop in between verses are applied with similar economy. It is an easy, yet emotional listen. Doddi calls his style, “sad house.” I can’t argue there.

Doddi’s Spotify catalog includes a series of remixes of the single which take the song to the dance floor. They are fun, mixing up the vibe a bit without losing the story. Check out the links below to explore “Last Dance (Wastelands)” in its various forms.



Here is What Doddi says about Doddi…

This is the first release from the icelandic artist Doddi as Doddi. He used to release music as the comical figure Love Guru (also on Spotify).
Here he is working with his own sound that he calls “sad house” sad music to dance to.
Una Stef who features in this song is one of the finest singers in Iceland and is growing abroad.