Dannyology – The Study of Miami House


I have never been quick to sign up for anything ending in “ology.” I am usually wary of belief systems in general. However, from what I gather, “Dannyology” involves Latin House music, flirting with women in both English and Spanish, and rhyming YOLO with Sonny Bono. This a belief system I can get behind.

Dannyology (aka Danny Lee Smith), is a DJ/musician/producer from Miami Florida. His new single, “Ahora” was made for the dancefloor.

For the first thirty seconds of the song, I thought it may be some sort of Sci-fi Hip-Hop. There was plenty of reverb and delay, an analog synth tone floated around the mix, rising and dropping both pitch and volume. However,once the beat kicks in, you know you’ll be dancing. An infectious house beat is matched with that same bending synth note, and electronic Latin percussion.

During the verse, a rapper tries to woo the ladies in a club, in English. Throughout the song, the rhymes are fun, and sometimes funny. Lines like, “You got me caught up with those hips and thighs,” are ridiculous, but work great here. Some really excellent synth bass tones keep it all glued together.

The chorus of the song comes in two parts. At first, there is the build-up. In Spanish, the singer chants “Ahora, mami”. (“ahora” means “now” in English). This build-up gets a little trippier with each measure. When it reaches peak, the bass drops. Back to English, the singer drops his voice with the beat and says simply, “Girl I Want You Now.”

In my mind, when he lands on that low “NOW”, that’s when the floor goes nuts. Lights drop, lasers, smoke machine up, etc.

Check out “Ahora,” and follow the links below for further indoctrination into Dannyology.



Here is what Danny says about Dannyology…

Danny Lee Smith, known professionally as Dannyology, is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter.