Voss Soss – Heart Attack

Voss Soss - Heart Attack 1

Voss Soss’s new video “Heart Attack” is a trap tune in every sense of the word.

It has all the earmarks of the musical style. The subterranean drone of an 808 kick drum hits low, and hits often. Rapid and syncopated hi-hats trade space with a high tuned snare. And dark synth sounds play chromatic changes in the background.

Lyrically, he takes the term “Trap” back to its true narcotic origins. “Heart Attack” chronicles the misadventures of the artist’s endeavors as a drug dealer. Specifically he and his homies are trying earn back some cash the cops took from them.

So, it is not a song for the whole family. Your grandmother probably doesn’t want to hear about how the rapper is “slinging flower.” However, felonious subject matter aside, he drops some clever rhymes. “She said she wanted to ski, so I gave her powder.” I also got a kick out of the line rhyming “profit” with “stock market.”

I liked the production here. The choice of synth sounds in particular is effective. There is a harpsichord-style sample that repeats through the whole track. It gives the tune a cool, kind of creepy flow.

“Heart Attack” is a short song, clocking in at just under two minutes. However, if you like what you hear there is plenty more to check out on the Voss Soss Youtube, SoundCloud, and Spotify profiles (links below).