4AM – R&B With a Reggae Vybe

4AM - R&B With a Reggae Vybe 1

I love a good R&B slow jam as much as the next guy. But when you add a dancehall beat to it, then you’ve really got something.

4AM’s new single “Love Me” has a couple of nice surprises. The song starts with some keys playing a simple three chord change. With a soft chime-like sample and a smooth reverb sound, the effect continues through most of the tune. The keys stay suspended in the air just behind the vocals. It creates a nice R&B feel to the song.

However, the real clincher on this track comes at the twenty second mark. When that reggae beat kicks in, it’s clear that this is not going to be a run-of-the-mill R&B love song. “Love Me” will get couples out on the floor, but they won’t be slow dancing.

4AM’s singing matched the beat perfectly. There are a number of nice vocal hooks throughout the song. I like the refrain of “I’ve been waiting babe, for you to come my way.” The climbing melody plays off of the backbeat kick drum really well.

“Love Me” is produced by the legendary Vybe. It is the first single from the new 4AM EP “Don’t Forget Me,” set to release August 16. Check out the song, and follow the links below to connect with 4AM.