Temperature Falls Gets Trippy

Temperature Falls Gets Trippy 1

It is not everyday I get to review a Trip-Hop track. It is one of my favorite forms of music. The genre is a flavor of Electronic. And, despite the name it is not a hallucinogenic-inspired version of Hip-Hop. Trip-Hop is not really easily defined. It combines live instrumentation with loops, samples, and beats. The […]

Lord Toph Gets Close to You

Lord Toph Gets Close to You 2

When I heard the first few plunky notes of detuned piano, and the background bird sounds, I thought that Lord Toph’s version of the Burt Bacharach classic “Close to You” may be a parody. The Carpenters made the song famous in 1970. In my defense, many modern artists have ironically covered hits from history’s schmaltziest […]