Kolten Gets No Chill in the Summer Shade

Kolten Gets No Chill in the Summer Shade 1

Kolten’s “Summer Shade” is the sound of a man hiding out from an unforgiving world. If only for a minute, he finds peace “getting high in the summer shade.” The rapper’s tale is carried along by a mellow Lo-fi Jazz-hop loop. The low notes of a tenor saxophone play a bluesy line that sets the […]

Your Friend Jaden – Massive

Your Friend Jaden - Massive 2

I don’t really remember what I was doing at 14. It is unlikely there was anything useful on the daily agenda. My friends and I walked around the mall a lot. I remember that. Also, I am fairly certain that Led Zeppelin and Atari were each a big part of every day. I think I’ve […]

Brady Novotny – Passions Collide

Brady Novotny - Passions Collide 3

I have friends like Brady Novotny… guitar people. I do not simply mean guitar players. Guitar players are everywhere. I am talking about the guys and girls who live and breathe guitars. Brady is a guitar player’s guitar player. They are the kids who practiced scales when the rest of us “guitar players” were learning […]

Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove

Priyant's Darjeeling Groove 4

Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove is the international, genre-bending fusion project of Mr. Priyant Sundas. The multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer has created the album, “Blended”. It is a record which is nearly impossible to classify, but a joy to listen to. The six song collection is a thirty six minute journey through jazz, pop, classic rock, traditional […]