Kolten Gets No Chill in the Summer Shade

Kolten Gets No Chill in the Summer Shade 1

Kolten’s “Summer Shade” is the sound of a man hiding out from an unforgiving world. If only for a minute, he finds peace “getting high in the summer shade.”

The rapper’s tale is carried along by a mellow Lo-fi Jazz-hop loop. The low notes of a tenor saxophone play a bluesy line that sets the mood for this melancholy vibe. An undertstated acoustic drum sample and long low bass notes contribute to the dark background.

The tune has the feel of the Geto Boys classic, “My Mind is Playing Tricks on Me”. There are some similarities of style, but the feel of the song is really what brought that dark gangster lament to mind.

Kolten is full of self doubt as he chills out. He wonders if he has made the wrong choices, wonders if he has sold out. He is in a dark place as he runs through a series of bad choices he intends to make.

“Summer Shade” is not a happy song, but it is a good one. It is a little short, coming in at just under two minutes. A bridge or chorus break could be a nice add. But Kolten is a talented writer. He uses some interesting imagery in his rhymes, as when he says he is “wearing the wrong face.”

Kolten is a member of Tomorrow’s Very Close… a “100% Independent Collective With A Growning Roster Of Independent Artists”

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