Matt Westin Stomps On

Matt Westin Stomps On 1

Matt Westin’s story so far has taken him from an engineering desk in corporate America to cattle calls in Hollywood. Eventually he landed back in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. There he began pursuing his lifelong passion for music. That is Country music, thank you very much. Matt’s new single “Stomp On” is made for […]

That FaB Pop Sound

That FaB Pop Sound 2

Fitzsimon and Brogan (FaB) is a songwriting team on a mission, “to produce pure pop for now people.” I don’t know if I qualify as a “now” person. However, I can say that this songwriting duo knows Pop music. For example, their single new “This is Love” is a study in Pop Music 101. It […]

Darrell Kelley’s Beautiful Jam

Darrell Kelley's Beautiful Jam 3

In Darrell Kelley’s bio (below) he recommends to the listener, “leave your preconceptions and baggage behind.” It is good advice. I was not sure what to expect when I first queued up his new video, “Beautiful.” Kelley is a restaurateur, a minister, and an author. I wondered what kind of music this guy was going […]

Caitlin Nicole Sings for Autism Awareness

Caitlin Nicole Sings for Autism Awareness 4

On the rarest of occasions, I receive an email which brightens my day. It happened yesterday when I opened my inbox and clicked on a link to my new favorite YouTube video, “Differently Abled Man” by Caitlin Nicole. First, a little background. There is a non-profit group in Pittsburgh, called “Band Together Pittsburgh.” Their stated […]