Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove

Priyant's Darjeeling Groove 1

Priyant’s Darjeeling Groove is the international, genre-bending fusion project of Mr. Priyant Sundas. The multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer has created the album, “Blended”. It is a record which is nearly impossible to classify, but a joy to listen to. The six song collection is a thirty six minute journey through jazz, pop, classic rock, traditional […]

Temperature Falls Gets Trippy

Temperature Falls Gets Trippy 2

It is not everyday I get to review a Trip-Hop track. It is one of my favorite forms of music. The genre is a flavor of Electronic. And, despite the name it is not a hallucinogenic-inspired version of Hip-Hop. Trip-Hop is not really easily defined. It combines live instrumentation with loops, samples, and beats. The […]

Lord Toph Gets Close to You

Lord Toph Gets Close to You 3

When I heard the first few plunky notes of detuned piano, and the background bird sounds, I thought that Lord Toph’s version of the Burt Bacharach classic “Close to You” may be a parody. The Carpenters made the song famous in 1970. In my defense, many modern artists have ironically covered hits from history’s schmaltziest […]

4AM – R&B With a Reggae Vybe

4AM - R&B With a Reggae Vybe 4

I love a good R&B slow jam as much as the next guy. But when you add a dancehall beat to it, then you’ve really got something. 4AM’s new single “Love Me” has a couple of nice surprises. The song starts with some keys playing a simple three chord change. With a soft chime-like sample […]

Across the Board Gets Wild

Across the Board Gets Wild 5

Across the Board comes from the great tradition of bands that function on a simple and straightforward recipe. It is the same formula which was used to create most of the greatest classics in Rock & Roll. The ingredients list includes one part drums, one part bass, two parts guitar, and a healthy dose of […]

Voss Soss – Heart Attack

Voss Soss - Heart Attack 6

Voss Soss’s new video “Heart Attack” is a trap tune in every sense of the word. It has all the earmarks of the musical style. The subterranean drone of an 808 kick drum hits low, and hits often. Rapid and syncopated hi-hats trade space with a high tuned snare. And dark synth sounds play chromatic […]

Aletulle and the Trans-Atlantic LPK Jam

Aletulle and the Trans-Atlantic LPK Jam 7

Running this blog and writing reviews is always a fun gig. It allows me to hear great new music every day. As a result, I meet musicians from around the globe. However, today’s feature brings an extra level of cool. The song is called “Prologue: Navona (Lodgepole Kind Remix).” I am excited about it because […]

Synco – Overrated Love or True Romance?

Synco - Overrated Love or True Romance? 8

Like a Hip-hop version of the movie “True Romance,” Synco’s new single, “Overrated Love,” is a romantic tale told from the street. It is a story of love and lifestyle overlapping, complementing, and competing. A classical piano introduces the track with a series of arpeggios played rapidly behind a layer of reverb. The keys continue […]

Dannyology – The Study of Miami House

Dannyology - The Study of Miami House 9

I have never been quick to sign up for anything ending in “ology.” I am usually wary of belief systems in general. However, from what I gather, “Dannyology” involves Latin House music, flirting with women in both English and Spanish, and rhyming YOLO with Sonny Bono. This a belief system I can get behind. Dannyology […]

Jo Oliver – Shine On (You)

Jo Oliver - Shine On (You) 10

In the 1970s, the music that we now call “Progressive Rock,” dominated radio. Guitars were big and loud. Vocal tracks were doubled, tripled, and harmonized. And rhythm sections, previously limited to a backbeat one-two bass and drum thump, evolved into complex components of melody as well as rhythm. Rock musicians were virtuosos, playing their instruments […]